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How did the fire start?

How did the fire spread?

How was the fire put out?

Who was Samuel Pepys?

What happened to London afterwards?

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London in 1666


What happened to London afterwards?

The Great Fire of London lasted for five days. It had burned 13,200 houses and 87 churches.  Many people were left homeless.

London had been devastated by the fire, so King Charles asked the great architects to build a new city.

One architect, Christopher Wren, planned a cleaner and healthier city, with houses built of brick and stone, and with no wooden buildings allowed.

St Paul’s Cathedral was rebuilt. It still stands today, although parts of it has altered.

The Monument commemorates the Great Fire. Its height is  61˝ metres tall – the distance it stands from the site of Thomas Farryner’s bakery in Pudding Lane.




Monument to the Great Fire

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